Balaton marathon | Rules

The Balaton MTB Marathon race rules:

The race is open, anyone who accepts the rules can participate.
Those who do not complete the whole track, and those who act un-sportsmanlike will be disqualified from the competition.

  • There will be designated inspection points on the track, where the referees can control the progress and time the results of the competitors.
  • Cars can only be used by the organizers.
  • Eating and drinking is only allowed for the competitors at the designated refreshment points.
  • Recieving spare parts is only allowed at the designated refreshment points.
  • Competitors can take spare parts with them to fix possible technical problems on-site.
  • Technical help can only be given at the refreshment points.
  • Spare parts and tools have to be stored at the points. Competitors have to conduct repairs by themselves or with their team members, and can utilize the help of their own helpers, or neutral helpers at the refreshment points. Smaller tools like tubes or hand tools can be given to the competitor at the refreshment points.
    Technical advice can be given at the refreshment points or by the members of the racers team.
  • Obtaining your race number and chip: On-site at the race; organizers and referees can ask for your ID and papers
  • The chip system records the racers time, the chip is included in the registration fee, no further payment is required.
  • A deposit for the chip is not necessary. Those who lose the chip have to pay a 10 000 forint fine to the organizers. In case of losing the chip and not paying the fine, the organizers have the right to claim the money through legal procedures.
  • Evaluation: The first man and woman that pass the finish line are considered the winners in the repective categories. Further positions are based on arrival.
  • Only mountain bike type bicycles are allowed in this competition. No electric or other support structures are allowed. Those using bicycles which are modified in these wats will be disqualified from the competition and their time results will be deleted. Any other issue will be solved in line with the regulation of the Hungarian Association of Cycling Competitions. Any topics in question will be resolved by a committee formed by the main referee, the referee and the main organizer of the competition.
  • Only people with their racing number on themselves can be on the track during the competition.
  • Wearing a helmet is obligatory during the competition!
  • Competitors participate in the competition on their own responsibility. By registering for the race, you understand and acknowledge this fact.