Dear Racers!

The Balaton summer seasons biggest mountainbiking event is happening for the 18th time.

24 hour non-stop mountain bike race on the North side of Lake Balaton MAP

In this unique and spectacular tournament, teams of up to 6 people are going up against each other and themselves for 24 hours. The race is 5 km long, and goes through a varried circular track, the winning team is the one that completes the most laps. Only one person from each team can ride at a time and teammates can swap each other out in the designated zone.



27th July, 2018, Friday

16:00 – 21:00

Arrival of the teams, setting up camp,
Receiving racing numbers and chips
(at the registration point, see map)

28th July, 2018, Saturday

8:00 – 11:00

Arrival of the teams, setting up camp,
Receiving the racing numbers and chips
(at the registration point, see map)


Technical meeting,
information about the competition (under the starting gate)


XVIII. Balaton 24 h MTB start


Half-time results on the screen

29st July, 2018, Sunday


XVIII. Balaton 24 h MTB finish


Award ceremony

A 2 day long party with music, bikes, and dancing!

This isn’t only a bike race, it can also be:

  • a vacation for friends or family
  • a team-building program for your company
  • a party, and an experience

Self-organized teams can apply to compete in different groups depending on the dates of birth of each individual.

We evaluate the teams without licensed racers seperately.

The teams set up their own camp at the designated place next to the track.

The rules of the race are quite simple, the team that completes the most laps under 24 hours wins.

Every team recieves a chip which counts their time for them. Only one team member can be on the track at a time. There is a designated place where you can swap each other out by giving the chip over.

The track is 5 km long, and consists of ground terrain.

The number of contestants is limited so that everyone can fit on the track comfortably. Please register as soon as possible if you would like to partake in the race.

We wish everyone a fun time, and a good race!


The regitry fee contains these items and services:

  • race numbers
  • time-chips
  • constant updates regarding scores
  • guaranteed 24 hours of time on racetrack
  • 24 hour medical help (if needed)
  • fruit bowl or meal for every racer
  • isotonic refreshment
  • use of WC and shower facilities
  • designated 50 m2 spot for your teams camp
  • free electricity allocated to each team
  • 24 hour security around the track
  • free bicycle cleaning area
  • free use of the beach


Alternative (two part) 12 hour race

A lot of teams see this race as a party, where instead of racing during the night they want to do more social activities and sleep or swim. This alternative 12 hour race might be more attractive to these people. (Does not require a seperate registration)


The teams decide during the race if they want to bike for the full 24 hours, or if they want to do 12 instead. If they decide that they don’t want to ride through the night, then on Saturday between 20.00 h and 20.15 h they have to turn in their time-chips in the result-registration tent, and then on Sunday (the next day) between 7.45 h and 8.00 h they can pick up the chip and continue the race.

This race consists of 2 parts:Saturday 12h – 20h (8 hours), and Sunday 08h – 12h (4 hours)

This way, for those who choose this version of the race, a seperate 12 hour result list will be released.

This does not mean they will have their score in the 24 hour race removed.

The alternative 12 hour race will only have the final score announced. The top three places will get awards.

This does not change the registration procedure, because the teams decide during the race, not before.


The registration fee should be sent to one of these accounts:

KINIZSI bank account number: 73200110-16093577-00000000

IBAN account number: HU03 73200110-16093577-00000000


The organizer reserves the right to make changes!