Alternative 12 Hours Competition on the 24 Hours Competition

A new category is introduced this year at the 24 Hours Competition in Zánka!

Many hobby teams participate in this competition as a huge summer party. They rather socialize, cook, grill,have some beers, swim or snooze instead of the night time section. These people are the target group of the alternative 12 Hours Competition, which doesn’t need a separate registration.


Teams can decide during the competition wether they cycle for the whole 24 hours, or they only participate in the 12 hours evaluation. If they decide not to take part in the night tim section, then they have to submit their chips at the result registry tent between 8.00-8.15 PM (at the time recording), and they will receive it the next day (on Sunday) between 7.45-8.00 AM to continue the competition.

The 12 Hours Competition has two parts: from noon to 8 PM on Saturday (8hours), and 8-12 in the morning on Sunday (4 hours).

Those selecting this option will be registered in a 12 Hours absolute results list.

Of course they will also have a result in the 24 Hours category as well.

We only announce absolute results within the alternative 12 Hours Competition, disregarding categories. The first three results will be awarded.

No changes are applied for the registration, as competitors can decide during the competition wether to choose 12 Hour version or not.